This service allows funds to be sent or received electronically. Penn State Federal can send and receive wire transfers on member's behalf.

International Wire Transfer Change

Due to changes by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau concerning International remittance transfers, in addition to not accepting International wire requests by phone, email or home banking, we will no longer be able to accept outgoing International wires by fax starting October 24, 2013. Domestic and incoming wires will not be affected.

Outgoing wire transfer instructions:

To wire funds to another person or business, complete the Wire Transfer Request Form (PDF, opens new window).

Incoming wire transfer instructions:

To receive wired funds from another person or business use the following instructions.

Wire To:
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
Middletown PA
Routing/Transit # 2313-87550
For Deposit To:
Penn State Federal Credit Union
Account # 2313-8639910100
Final Credit To:
Member’s Name
Member’s Account #

Check our Rates Page for fees associated with this service.

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