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Our Members…

are also owners, helping each other offer lower interest rates and other competitively priced financial services. Becoming part of Penn State Federal Credit Union now means you may take advantage of all the benefits of membership for as long as you are a member. Once you are a Penn State Federal Credit Union member, you are always a member. Being an employee of an affiliated organization may bring you to Penn State Federal but our friendly service and countless benefits will keep you part of the Penn State Federal family.

Who Can Join Penn State Federal?

If you (or someone in your family):

  • work for Penn State University;
  • attend class at Penn State University;
  • are retired from Penn State University;
  • work for Penn State Federal;
  • work for any of these Local Companies;

Please call (814) 933-1668 or e-mail to see if your business is eligible for membership at Penn State Federal Credit Union.

New Membership Packet

Click here to download your new membership packet. You will receive an Account Signature Card, Penny Instructions and Membership Agreement. Fill out the application and mail in, drop off, or fax back to us.

Click here for the Penn State Federal Switch Kit!