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If you're interested in having your business listed here or offering a discount/offer to Penn State Federal members, please contact 814-933-1668 or

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Village Eatinghouse

Village Eatinghouse Website (external website)

Coupon Code: PSFCU2019 for free shipping on orders $38 or more
Fundraising Bonus - An extra 5% on top of the 30% give back. Mention PSFCU when requesting information.

AAUW State College Used Book Sale May 11-14, 2019 - 814-466-6041

Book Sale Flyer (PDF, opens new window)

AAUW Website (external website)

Appalachian Outdoors - 814-234-3000

Appalachian Outdoors Website (external website)

Tailgater Taters

Tailgater Taters Website (external website)
Coupon Code: FORTHEGLORY ( free shipping on order, 1 per customer)

Beck Psychotherapy, LLC - 814-409-7744

Beck Psychotherapy Website (external website)

Certified Auto LLC - 814-441-8277

Certified Auto Website (external website)

Centre LGBTQA Support Network - 814-238-1764

Centre LGBTQA Support Network Website (external website)

Strawberry Fields Inc. - 814-234-6023

Strawberry Fields Website (external website)

Centre County Women's Resource Center - 814-238-7066

Centre County Women's Resource Center Website (external website)

Sandy Erwin licensed Massage Therapist and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner - 814-237-8110

Discount Coupon (PDF, opens new window)

State College Massage Website (external website)


Bonfatto's Website (external website)

Insurance Discounts

Penn State Federal members are eligible for insurance discounts through Liberty Mutual. Call (814) 238-0820 or click here to find out more.

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Turbo Tax

Vehicle Discounts For Members (external website)

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