Penn State Federal provides business products for small and large businesses. We offer savings options, checking accounts, Visa debit & credit cards, loans and employee membership benefits to meet your companies' needs.

To open an account ALL Business types must provide for each signer:

  • Valid government issued identification
  • Photo Identification
  • Proof of membership eligibility
  • Proof of address (if not the same as ID, please provide utility bill or lease agreement.)
  • See business type below for additional documentation
Business Type Definition Documentation to Open Account
Sole Proprietor A single person operation that files no formal start-up documents with the state. Fictitious Name Certificate1
Partnership Similar to a sole proprietor but with more than one person. Types: General and Limited. May use EIN or SSN of partners. Fictitious Name Certificate1
Partnership Agreement or
Certificate of Limited Partnership2
For Profit Corporation A business that is legally separate from its owners. Uses an EIN. Articles of Incorporation
Non-Profit Corporation A corporation whose primary objective is to support an issue or cause without generating a profit. Uses an EIN. Articles of Incorporation
Limited Liability Company A hybrid of a corporation and partnership where the owners are separate from the business. Uses EIN for more than one owner. Articles of Organization
Operating Agreement
Association or Organization A group of members with similar interests or goals. Uses an EIN. Fictitious Name Certificate1 or Registration of Unincorporated Association Name
Operating Agreement document
1A Fictitious Name Certificate is required for businesses operating under a name other than the surname of the owner(s).
2A General Partnership with no Partnership Agreement, is governed by the Uniform Partner Act.

For full details on all our accounts see MBS Rate & Fee Schedule (PDF, opens new window). If you have specific questions regarding any product or service, please contact our Business Services Staff today!

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