Deposit Accounts Related Fees
Classic Checking (balance < $500) $5 per month
Thrift Checking (balance < $100) $8 per month
Premier Checking (balance < $2000) $10 per month
E-Connect Checking $10 per month
Holiday Club early withdrawal $10 each
Dormant (no activity for 24 or more months) $5 per month
Interim history (free online) $1
Foreign items deposited for collection cost + $30
Share/check draft order cost
Bill Payment (free with Freedom Account) $5 per month
Stop payment on share draft/ACH $35 each
Stop payment on share draft series $35 per series
Stop payment (Credit Union issued check) $15 per check
Share draft or statement copy (free online) $3 each
Returned check from deposit, loan payment or credit card payment $35 per check presentment
Close account within 90 days of opening $10
ATM, Visa Debit & Credit Card Related Fees
Card replacement $5 per card
Emergency Card replacement $30 per card
International Service Assessment (ISA) 1% of transaction
Draft, Wire Transfer, Money Order & Other Check Related Fees
Teller draft $5 each
Incoming wire (domestic/foreign) $15 / $25
Outgoing wire (domestic/foreign) $15 / $45
Money order (up to $1,000) $1.50 each
Overdraft Related Fees
Courtesy Pay or Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $35 per item, per presentment
Extended negative balance fee $35
Miscellaneous Fees
Address change (mail returned) $5 per returned item
Unclaimed Property Processing (applies to inactive accounts required for escheat to State Treasury) $75 per account
IRA transfers to another institution $25 per transfer
Record search $15/hr, $5 minimum
Subpoena, IRS levy, restraining notice $15/hr, $15 minimum
Verification of Deposits $10 each
Benefits Plus $5 per month
Skip-a-Pay $35 per occurrence